We are pleased to announce that email notifications are now supported on Pawfit. This feature will especially suit owners who only use Pawfit occassionally, or have more than one owner set up for a pet.

Email notifications are sent to all of the other owners of a particular pet when the following actions occur:

  1. A new picture or document is uploaded
  2. A new measurement is entered

Email notifications are sent to all owners for medication schedules that have a medication due.

We’ve taken extra care to make sure that our emails look great both on your computer, and on your smartphone or tablet, so you can keep up with your pet wherever you are.

What happened to push notifications?

When Pawfit first started, only push notifications were supported. Push notifications are notifications that pop up on your smart device as a separate app, but we had some issues:

  1. Push notifications could only be set up for Android and web devices - Apple phones and tablets did not work.
  2. The process to give our app permission to send you push notifications was more complex than it needed to be and hard to work through
  3. Push notifications were not always delivered. This wasn’t so important for activities like a photo being uploaded, but was important for medication schedules which remind you to give your pet their medications.

Until we’ve resolved these problems, we’re going to be sending email notifications. Most people have emails set up on the smart devices they use anyway, and emails are supported more widely and are very reliable.

We hope to reintroduce push notifications in a few months, when we’ve had a chance to improve the experience for our pet owners.